Robins timber are suppliers of all types of sheet material including Pegboard, Chipboard, O.S.B. Board, M.D.F, Weatherboard Board Plywood, Hardboard, Roofing, T & G Chipboard and much more... available in various sizes from 4mm up to 25mm in certain materials.

Weatherboard Plywood

Weatherboard plywood is a relatively inexpensive product and can take the form of softwood plywood, tropical hardwood plywood and birch plywood. Other types of WBP plywood are available but these mentioned above are the most common. Our weatherboard ply is available in the following sizes:

4mm W.B.P.
6mm W.B.P.
9mm W.B.P.
12mm W.B.P.
18mm W.B.P.

25mm W.B.P.


Hardboard is a dense fibreboard used in a variety of carpentry applications, used in the making of furniture for years, but also popular in the construction industry used mainly as a temporary floor. Hardwood is very versatile and will not split or crack.

4mm Hard Board
4mm Peg Board

4mm W/Hard BoardType


Roofing materials available in sizes up to 8' x 4', from 12mm to 25mm thickness.

12mm Roofing
18mm Roofing
25mm Roofing

Chipboard & OSB Board

We sell both chipboard & OSB Board, both very versatile materials. Chipboard is used for general building work and furniture builds as it is the most cost effective board compared to MDF or ply. OSB Board is a resin bonded stranded wood panel used for walls, roofs and ceilings, perfect for interior design, shelving, packaging, cladding and noise reduction.

12mm Chip Board
18mm Chip Board
18mm T&G Chip Board
9mm O.S.B.
12mm O.S.B.
18mm O.S.B.

MDF Board

MDF is an engineered wood product which is much stronger than particle board and can be used for a wide range of building projects, although it is mainly used in the production and building of furntire including kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, cupboards and more... MDF is available in the following sizes:

6mm M.D.F.
9mm M.D.F.
12mm M.D.F.

18mm M.D.F.


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